Shiseido Macherie Oil In Wax Hair Treatment 75ml


Shiseido Macherie Oil In Wax Hair Treatment 75ml

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Product Introduction

✔ Beauty oil blended[Rose hip oil (glossy / repair ingredient]

✔ Repairs hair tips & Keeps shiny style

✔ Milk-type wax

✔ White floral scent

Product Description

-Milk-type wax makes it easy to arrange hair without stickiness.

-Contains moisturizing ingredient, dense pearl honey jelly DX (Pearl conchiolin, honey, hydroxyethylurea, sodium hyaluronate).

-Oil-in wax can make Japanese trend style “Yurufuwa & Gloss”(relaxed and comforting) .

-Loose hair & glossy hair while repairing damage with beauty oil.

-Repairs hair tips with a beauty oil, formulation to maintain a shiny style.[Rosehip oil (glossy and repair ingredients)]

-Luster, repair and moisturizing ingredients contains dense pearl honey jelly (DX Pearl conchiolin, honey, hydroxyethyl urea, hyaluronic acid).

-Milk-type wax without stickiness.

-Secrets of this product “Damage Repair & Styling”

-Styling can be performed while taking care of damage to the hair tips <Damage repair>

✔ Beauty oil repairs the luster up to the hair tips

✔ Hair oil ingredient smooths hair and moistens hair with hair <Styling function

✔ Soft styling with hair styling oil

✔ Keep hair style for a long time, ingredient lasts while being soft [use method]

-Sweet, refreshing floral fruity scent continue

-Harmonizes the fruity aroma of fresh mango and passion fruit with the scent of white floral such as plumeria.

-Enchanting scent is wrapped up you with fresh scent both during and after washing.

-Smoky cut fragrances For a hair that has a good scent all day long. (Prevents the smell of tobacco and food from sticking, and protects hair from odor.)

How To Use

-Spread an appropriate amount of dry or dry hair on the palm of your hand and apply it to the area where you want to arrange your hair.


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